{agenda} HTML WG telecon 2010-05-27

The HTML Working Group will have its usual weekly teleconference on
2010-05-27 for 60 minutes from 16:00Z to 17:00Z.


Tokyo 01:00+1, Amsterdam/Oslo 18:00, London/Dublin 17:00, New
Jersey/York 12 noon, Kansas City 11:00, Seattle/San Francisco 09:00.

Chair of the meeting: Sam Ruby
Scribe: Philippe Le Hégaret

(See the end of this email for dial-in and IRC info.)

== Agenda ==

1. ACTION items due by Thu May 27

a) ACTION-29 on Philippe Le Hégaret: Follow up on the idea of a
free-software-compatible license for a note on HTML authoring - due
2010-05-27  - open

b) ACTION-178 on Philippe Le Hégaret: Contact the various
chairs/co-chairs to resolve the use of the text/html mime type - due
2010-05-27 - open

c) ACTION-179 on Philippe Le Hégaret: Set automatic copy of HG to
www.w3.org - due 2010-05-27 - open

2. Recent Issues activity:

May 20th, 2010
  ISSUE-89 idioms - Counter-Proposal from Tab Atkins received

  ISSUE-92 tablecleanup - Counter-Proposal from Tab Atkins received

  ISSUE-103 srcdoc-xml-escaping - Closing without Prejudice
  ISSUE-107 plugin-fallback-example - Closing without Prejudice
  ISSUE-86 atom-id-stability - Consensus to remove

3. Items that close this week (by Fri May 28)

May 27th, 2010
  ISSUE-9 video-accessibility - Accessibility Task Force to submit
Requirements document

May 28th, 2010
   ISSUE-109 aria-section-title - Change Proposal from Steve Faulkner due
   ISSUE-111 checkbox-required - Call for Proposals closes
   ISSUE-112 meta-keywords-not - Call for Proposals closes
   ISSUE-113 forced-fragment - Call for Proposals closes
   ISSUE-114 rel-canonical-organization - Call for Proposals closes
   ISSUE-115 rel-canonical-human - Call for Proposals closes

4. New Issues This Week:


5. WG Decision Policy update
Current decision policy:
Editor's draft:

Decision policy issues pending as of May 11

6. Discuss Survey results
  ISSUE-66 image-analysis
  ISSUE-90 figure
  ISSUE-91 aside
  ISSUE-93 details
  ISSUE-95 hidden
  ISSUE-96 progress
  ISSUE-97 meter

7. Heartbeat Working Drafts & First Public Working Drafts

Call for Consensus to publish closes May 26th:

Heartbeat Working Drafts:
     HTML 5: http://dev.w3.org/html5/spec/
     HTML+RDFa: http://dev.w3.org/html5/rdfa/
     HTML Microdata: http://dev.w3.org/html5/md/
     HTML Canvas 2D Context: http://dev.w3.org/html5/2dcontext/
     HTML: The Markup Language: http://dev.w3.org/html5/markup/
     HTML5 Differences from HTML4:

First Public Working Drafts:
     HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines:
     HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives:

8. Upcoming deadlines

Requirements document due May 27:
ISSUE-9 video-accessibility

Will close without prejudice if nobody volunteers by May 28:
ISSUE-109 aria-section-title
ISSUE-111 checkbox-required
ISSUE-112 meta-keywords-not
ISSUE-113 forced-fragment
ISSUE-114 rel-canonical-organization
ISSUE-115 rel-canonical-human

9. Task Force Reports
a. Accessibility Task Force
     ISSUE-9 video-accessibility
     ISSUE-74 canvas-accessibility
     ISSUE-105 canvas-usemap
     ISSUE-85 anchor-roles

b. Testing Task Force

10. Other Business


11. Scribe for next meeting


12. Adjournment

== Dial-in and IRC Details ==

Zakim teleconference bridge
+1.617.761.6200, +, +44.117.370.6152
code: HTML (4865)

Supplementary IRC chat (logged)
#html-wg on irc.w3.org port 6665 or port 80

Received on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 12:49:54 UTC