Moveing to a Test Suite Release Schedule

This has come up at TPAC and at the last few conference calls.  


The idea is to take test submissions for 4 months and review all submitted 
tests for 2 months.  The goal is to keep up with test submissions and allow 
people to plan time in their schedule to review tests.

The initial proposal would be that all tests submitted by October 15th 2011 will
be moved into the approved folder.  From October 15th -> December 15th tests
will be fixed due to bugs and feedback from the list.  Tests that are not 
complete will get removed from the approved folder.  Tests that don't get 
updated due to feedback will also get removed from the approved folder.  The 
goal is that after the two month review cycle we have a known good set of tests
that include a large percentage of the total test submissions as of October 
15th.  At the end for the review period we will tag a revision and note this on
the wiki.

Like today tests can be submitted at any time to the submission folder.
Depending upon the success of this we can choose to continue or revert back 
to the current approval process.


Received on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 15:06:40 UTC