Re: Submitted tests

Hi James,

On 06/07/2011 11:22 PM, James Graham wrote:
> I just commited some Opera test submissions for the classList attribute,
> the history pushstate API and the time element.

I've looked over the classList test. I believe it should be approved, 
with the following nits addressed:

 > assert_true( elem.classList.constructor == window.DOMTokenList );
 > assert_true( getComputedStyle(elem,null).fontStyle != 'italic',
 > 'critical test; required by the testsuite' );
> assert_true( getComputedStyle(elem,null).fontStyle == 'italic',
 > 'critical test; required by the testsuite' );
 > assert_false( getComputedStyle(elem,null).fontStyle == 'italic' );
 > assert_true( getComputedStyle(elem,null).fontStyle == 'italic' );
 > assert_false( getComputedStyle(elem,null).fontStyle == 'italic' );

Should use assert_equals and assert_not_equals.

> /* the normative part of the spec states that:
> "unless the length is zero, in which case there are no supported property indices"
> ...
> "The term[...] supported property indices [is] used as defined in the WebIDL specification."
> WebIDL creates actual OwnProperties and then [] just acts as a normal property lookup */
> assert_equals( elem.classList[2], window.undefined );

The quote was copied too eagerly; the length isn't zero.

As a general comment, I'd like s/window.undefined/undefined/g, as the 
former looks rather silly.

Also, I'd like to see tests for classList.toString called explicitly, 
rather than through |classList + ""|, and for setting the readonly 
properties in ES5 strict mode.


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