Improving HTML 5 Test Suite page prose

Hi Philippe, IanJ,

Could you add the following text under the title of the HTML 5 Test Suite page.
It will probably soften the media tone for the next releases :)

   The Official HTML5 Test Suite Results aims to
   help implementers write applications that
   support HTML5. In no way are these conformance
   tests to be construed as providing certification
   or branding of HTML5 implementations. The only
   claim that could be made is that a particular
   implementation is conformant to a particular
   version of the HTML5 Test Suite.

   The HTML5 Test suite is still being developed. 
   The number of tests and the results on these tests
   will change.

   Last Update: [CVS date]

Thanks :)

Karl Dubost -
Developer Relations & Tools, Opera Software 

Received on Wednesday, 3 November 2010 10:35:12 UTC