RE: Test Case Approval Request

Then with another round of changes, it appears that we could indeed have an approved test.

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On Tue, 20 Apr 2010 15:20:18 +0900, Kris Krueger <>  
> Just to make sure I understand your feedback...
> You think that the test is valid and can help overall browser  
> interoperability looking at past browser implementations.
> Though the title of the test needs to be more clear, call out that it's  
> a content attribute test rather than an interface test.

Yeah, though it would probably be simpler to have a single test for all  
known content attributes on all known elements. You would then simply test  
with a few values on all of these (e.g. colors, URLs, space-separated  
items, simple tokens, etc.) and test whether they get normalized in some  
way. Should be quite simple to do with a few arrays and a loop.

Anne van Kesteren

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