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RE: WAVE and EME support

From: Pham, Stefan <stefan.pham@fokus.fraunhofer.de>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 15:44:29 +0000
To: Mark Watson <watsonm@netflix.com>, Paul Cotton <paul.cotton@microsoft.com>
CC: "public-html-media@w3.org" <public-html-media@w3.org>
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Paul, All,

we’ve been mainly working on a) Convert the remaining Google submitted test cases for use in the EME test suite.
PRs are here:


This is the corresponding issue:

I expect that all remaining migrated tests are ready to be merged by mid of next week. Note: public holiday in Germany on Monday.

In parallel, we’ll try to work on the open issues: https://github.com/w3c/web-platform-tests/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aopen%20label%3Aencrypted-media%20is%3Aissue

These are addressing b) and c) of the outline blow.

Stefan Pham

On 29 September 2016 at 14:45:50, Paul Cotton (paul.cotton@microsoft.com<mailto:paul.cotton@microsoft.com>) wrote:
Can we please get an update on where we stand on updating and expanding the EME test suite?  If possible please use the following outline below that I provided of outstanding work.


From: Paul Cotton [mailto:Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com]
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 8:33 PM
To: public-html-media@w3.org
Subject: RE: WAVE and EME support

On behalf of the W3C and the HTML Media Extensions WG I want to thank the CTA WAVE project and its member companies for providing this support.

I look forward to how these engineering resources can help the WG:

a)      Convert the remaining Google submitted test cases for use in the EME test suite.  See https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-media/2016Sep/0085.html

b)     Create multi-session tests as suggested by Mark Watson.  See https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-media/2016Sep/0080.html

c)      Create additional tests as suggest by Mark Watson:  See https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-media/2016Sep/0085.html

a.      sequential use of different keys, including pausing (waitingforkey) when encountering a new key

b.      alternating clear and encrypted content within a file

c.      a test without initData (where there is no encrypted event). See this issue.

d.      expiration attribute

d)     Help us expand the test suite to cover more features

e)     Help run an updated test suite and to evaluate the test suite results.  See https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-media/2016Sep/0084.html  and https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-media/2016Sep/0072.html

I invite HME WG members work collectively with the CTA WAVE resources to move the EME test suite forward.  We will discuss how to organize this work at the HME WG meeting on Mon and Tue next week.

HME WG Chair

From: John Simmons [mailto:johnsim@microsoft.com]
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 6:53 PM
To: public-html-media@w3.org<mailto:public-html-media@w3.org>
Subject: FW: WAVE and EME support

All –

Forwarding an email from Mike Bergman, Sr. Director of technology and standards at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).


Because of the critical importance of Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) for commercial audio-video interoperability on the Web, the CTA and the Web Application Video Ecosystem (WAVE) steering committee have agreed to provide support for EME testing so that it can proceed to recommendation status.
Best regards


John C. Simmons | Media Platform Architect | Microsoft Corp. | direct 425-707-2911 | cell 425-269-5759 | Studio-G/1602

From: Mike Bergman [mailto:MBergman@cta.tech]
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 12:10 PM
To: plh@w3c.org<mailto:plh@w3c.org>; Paul Cotton <Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com<mailto:Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com>>
Cc: Paul Hearty <paul.hearty@am.sony.com<mailto:paul.hearty@am.sony.com>>; Law, Will <wilaw@akamai.com<mailto:wilaw@akamai.com>>; John Simmons <johnsim@microsoft.com<mailto:johnsim@microsoft.com>>; Mark Vickers (Mark_Vickers@cable.comcast.com<mailto:Mark_Vickers@cable.comcast.com>) <Mark_Vickers@cable.comcast.com<mailto:Mark_Vickers@cable.comcast.com>>; François Daoust (fd@w3.org<mailto:fd@w3.org>) <fd@w3.org<mailto:fd@w3.org>>; Brian Markwalter <BMarkwalter@cta.tech<mailto:BMarkwalter@cta.tech>>
Subject: WAVE and EME support

To: Philippe Le Hégaret (W3C), Paul Cotton (HME WG Chair)
Fr: The CTA WAVE Project Steering Committee

Member companies of the Web Application Video Ecosystem (WAVE) Project consider the Encrypted Media Extensions as a crucial component of our effort to ensure global interoperable Web video delivery. During our Amsterdam meeting at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), CTA and the WAVE Steering Committee agreed to provide support for EME testing so it can proceed to recommendation status. To this end we have identified engineering resources to complete this test development. You can expect to hear additional information from us or from the W3C WAVE participant - Francois Daoust fd@w3.org<mailto:fd@w3.org>.

Please let us know if you have any questions and let us know how else we can help in this exceedingly important work.

Very best regards,
Mike Bergman
Sr. Director, Technology & Standards
Consumer Technology Association
+1(703) 907-4366 office
+1(609) 865-4402 mobile

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