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2009/9/4 Ian Hickson <>:
> On Fri, 4 Sep 2009, T.J. Crowder wrote:
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>> > It would be stupid of us to try to change this now given that all four
>> > major browsers ship with a <q> that inserts quote marks
>> Strongly disagree.  The spec is *not final* yet.
> HTML4, which required quotes in the exact same manner, has been "final"
> for over ten years now.

Apologies, I thought <q> was one of the several new tags.  If the <q>
was defined in HTML4 with the UAs rendering quotes (which -- with
apologies -- I just checked and it is), then that definition -- wrong
though it surely was and is -- should be left alone.  The idea that
UAs should render quotes in HTML4 but not in HTML5 is even more
nonsensical than the HTML4 spec saying they should render quotes in
the first place.  Not only has the ship sailed, it's come back and
gone out again dozens of time, been decommissioned, and sold for

>> If vendors implement in-progress specs, they must expect them to change.
>> Fix it now and within a year, it's done, implementations and content
>> will be updated to match.
> HTML5 said to _not_ render quotes for at least 2 years, during which time
> the only change from browser vendors was for Microsoft to change from not
> including quotes (as per HTML5 at the time) to including quotes (as per
> HTML4). So evidence seems to contradict your statement.

That statement was based on my mistaken belief that <q> was new, and
on that basis I would stand by it.  But my basis was incorrect.

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