[Bug 13398] i18n-ISSUE-80: Default rules for the quotes property


--- Comment #15 from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson <ian@hixie.ch> 2011-09-30 20:12:19 UTC ---
If it's a transform of the data, then provide the script that can create the
transform, and I'll just plug that into the build system, the same way we do
with the named character references (which are a transformation of the MathML
group's work). That would be ideal. Failing that, I'm happy to regularly update
a CSS sheet based on input.

A normative reference is a non-starter since implementors have said they will
not take the burden of doing the transformation (understandably so).

By the way, comment 14 demonstrates why the data should be ASCII-safe explicit
escapes and not raw characters. It got all corrupted here because Bugzilla
doesn't send an explicit charset definition. If we can't trust ourselves to get
this right, let's not rely on all the browser vendors getting it right. :-)

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