[Bug 13502] Text run starting with composing character should be valid


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> Anyone who can object to "acce<b>&#x0301;</b>nt" should also object to the
> equivalent with Shin Dot.
> However, characters in the range 05B0--05BC (inclusive) are not diacritics in
> any sense but visual; they are our vowels.

How is that an argument? There is no such thing as "right to have styled
vowels" ... ;-)

Beside, even if disallowed in HTML, you can get all you need via CSS. I even
(re)discovered that IE and Firefox do not need that display:inline-block hack.
All they need is that the "base" character and the combining character differ
with regard to their respective font-weight values. Also, when using CSS,
Find-in-Page tends to work a little better - in IE and Firefox, than otherwise.
For Opera, I was unable to style the accent different from the base character -
but at least I was able to to hold its hand: http://tinyurl.com/6yk2m9b

<rant>Each writing script has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance,
Hebrew text runs are shorter than Latin runs, since there are no vowels there
(and even if you have vowels, the text length doesn't increase).  As a user of
of the Latin script where I must write vowels, I feel discriminated - for
instance on Twitter!  It is even “worse”: last I checked, Twitter seemed (at
least on the profile page) to not count combined chars, but instead to only
count the letter they are combined with. And judging from that, you can add
Hebrew vocals on Twitter without being punished! :-D </rant>

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