[Bug 13995] Don't check Content-Type for <track>


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> I misremembered what we did with media resources.
> > > What's the signature for TTML?
> > 
> > It's XML, we all know that sniffing it is not a good idea.
> I'm at a loss as to how to make this work then. Could you elaborate on how you
> want this to work?

Add a section "Text Tracks" to
http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-websec-mime-sniff-03 that says:

This section defines the *rules for sniffing text tracks specifically*.

   If the first octets match one of the signatures in Section 6 for one
   of the following media types, then let the sniffed-type be the
   corresponding media type and abort these steps:

   o  text/vtt

   Otherwise, let the sniffed-type be the official-type and abort these

Of course, also update section 6 with the WebVTT magic.

In effect, this will allow browser that only support WebVTT to ignore
Content-Type since anything that begins with "WEBVTT" works and anything that
doesn't will fire an error event (technically for two different reasons, but
the API doesn't make that distinction.)

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