[Bug 13176] The bounds of canvas fallback content, as rendered on the canvas, are not provided by the user agent to an assistive technology.


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--- Comment #19 from Charles Pritchard <chuck@jumis.com> 2011-09-26 20:52:38 UTC ---
We confirmed that this is an issue for AT vendors in January:
"[Vendors] need the screen location of all content with or without focus... the
bounding rectangle of each element in screen coordinates (or client coordinates
if we know the relative top-left)"


I spoke to several developers at the SVG F2F in Seattle about the issue.

Perhaps the editor would have an easier time discussing this with Cameron
McCormack, as he was present at the meeting. Jonas Sickling has offered a
proposal similar to the one that the public-canvas-api group developed in early

I have since narrowed down that API to one method, instead of three. The very
point of this API is to "use HTML", which is something the editor seems to
misunderstand. We are using HTML in the Canvas subtree. We need to inform the
system about the spatial positioning of those HTML elements.

This would also inform element.scrollIntoView, in effect, harmonizing the
Canvas subtree with the rest of the HTML display DOM.

FWIW: scrollPathIntoView is an interesting response to setCaretSelectionRect,
and one I think should be reviewed by the W3C and AT vendors.

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