[Bug 14241] <track> Merge HTMLTrackElement and TextTrack into one interface


--- Comment #1 from Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com> 2011-09-22 11:58:24 UTC ---
I think the API could be better if the TextTrack stuff were moved to the
HTMLTrackElement interface and <track> elements are used instead of TextTrack
objects. It's dodgy to have both an element and an object, especially with
events and event handlers:

The spec says to fire 'load' and 'error' on <track> but TextTrack has onload
and onerror handlers (nowhere does the spec say to fire 'load' or 'error' on
TextTrack AFAICT).

The spec says to fire 'cuechange' on both TextTrack and <track>.

(First I considered whether the spec should make <track onload> reflect
TextTrack.onload (like <body onload> reflects window.onload), and only fire the
events on the TextTrack object, but then I wondered why there are two objects
to begin with.)

We don't have an element and an object for audio, video, images, etc. We just
use the element. Should do the same with <track>.

For in-band tracks, you would create <track> elements and associate them with
the <video> without inserting them to the document.

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