[Bug 14153] This defeats the entire purpose of separating style and content. Style scoping works quite well using the CSS cascade


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--- Comment #3 from Peter Winnberg <peter.winnberg@gmail.com> 2011-09-22 10:56:34 UTC ---
I am not sure if this bug is about removing the style element completely (I can
see both advantages and disadvantages if that is done) or just the scoped
attribute on the style element so that it can be used inside the body element
and only apply to a certain part of a document.

What I am arguing for is removing the scoped attribute from the style element
because this does not degrade gracefully in the sense that it will be ignored
by older browsers that doesn't understand the scoped attribute ( or the style
element ). A web browser that supports the style element but not the scoped
attribute will most likely apply the CSS to the whole document and not just a
part of it. And a web browser that doesn't support the style element could
display the CSS as content in the document ( because it isn't hidden inside the
head element ).

If this feature really is needed something like an externalcss attribute that
can be used on block only elements inside the body would work better. 

<div externalcss="scoped-style.css">
<!-- CSS from scoped-style.css only applied here -->

This would be completely ignored by older browsers, however something like this
doesn't make much sense anyway because it would only be supported in the latest
versions of the web browsers and the same thing can already be achieved using
other techniques.

So I think the scoped attribute on the style element should be removed or at
the very least be replaced with a better solution.

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