[Bug 12651] More things should set salvageable to false: XHR, plugins


--- Comment #9 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu> 2011-09-22 01:45:00 UTC ---
> Why do you set salvageable to false if you've got an open network connection
> up, rather than just finishing the download

Several reasons:

1)  For just about every network connection, download completion needs to
trigger an event handler, which is a really weird thing to do in an unloaded
page.  This is certainly the case for XHR.

2)  At least in Gecko, the data structure tracking in-progress network access
is attached to the WindowProxy (because you have to be able to treat a load as
starting in one page but finishing in another).  So on page transition requests
have to be canceled so as not to affect onload in the new page.

3)  Having unloaded pages consume network resources is very much contrary to
user expectations.

> (especially if it's only been going for a few milliseconds)?

I don't see why this is an "especially" or why it matters.

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