[Bug 14194] Request: specification for script preloading


--- Comment #8 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu> 2011-09-21 19:20:11 UTC ---
> But that type of delay, especially on mobile (limited CPU, etc) basically can
> act to decapitate the whole purpose for preloading

Yes, that was exactly my point.

And yet mobile is also where memory pressure is the biggest problem.

> Are you suggesting that this delay would still be synchronous upon attempt to
> execute the preloaded script?

It'd have to be to give you sync-execute semantics, right?

> Even on large JS files like 300k+, the most I've ever seen the "processing"
> stage of a script take is a couple hundred ms.

300K is a medium size JS file, from what I've seen...  Heck, jQuery is about
100K even minified, before compression. The difference between several hundred
ms and 1s is just a matter of different device.  But yes, the point was just
that there would be a quite noticeable pause.  200ms is way above human
perception level.

I just tried decompressing gzipped minified jquery on a pretty new tablet, and
it took me about 100ms.  On a slower device, it would of course take longer. 
And there are plenty of JS files larger than minified jquery out there.

> It seems like keeping preloaded scripts compressed in memory is missing

The point is that in low memory situations we'd like to be able to fall back on
discarding all that compiled code, static analysis information, decompressed
data, etc.

> Are you planning to compress such uncompressed scripts before keeping them in
> memory

In low-memory conditions, probably yes.  We're already moving toward
compressing them before putting them in our memory and disk cache, no matter
how the server sent them.

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