[Bug 14186] Proposed additional information for <video> Error events


--- Comment #1 from Offbeatmammal <offbeatmammal@gmail.com> 2011-09-19 21:08:46 UTC ---
additional clarification on suggested implementation.

In the current spec when an error occurs it raises an error event and populates
the MediaError code with a value (currently in the range 1..4) -

what is proposed is that in addition to the MediaError (so as to maintain
backwards compatibility) if the error condition is the result of an
httpresponse that code is also made available.

no matter when the error is raised this code should be provided (so if the
asset does not exist on opening then the error.httpresponse would show a 404
but the same would happen if the asset became unavailable during the playback

developers may wish to take different actions based on different network
conditions (a 404 or 500 response might require a different action to a 403)
and this would also help (possibly) lay the groundwork for error handling in a
DRM framework

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