[Bug 14194] Request: specification for script preloading


--- Comment #2 from Kyle Simpson <w3c@getify.myspamkiller.com> 2011-09-19 04:06:53 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> One thing I said that did not come clear in comment 0: the spec needs to allow
> a way for the UA to discard preloaded scripts under memory pressure in a
> spec-conformant way.

Right, sorry for under-reporting the position. I was going on the part of our
discussion which seemed to suggest that if an explicit preloading mechanism
were in place, maybe the "I'm gonna throw out all the preloaded scripts" wasn't
so much of a hard requirement.

In any case, if the UA can throw out the scripts, then this is an important
addition to the requirements stated in comment #0... that the mechanism must
make that clear to a developer that the script has gone from "preloaded" back
to "unloaded" in some way (by event -- preferably -- or by property change).
That way, a script loader could see "oh, crap, my preloaded scripts are gone,
i've got to reload all of them and try again".

In fact, if the UA were constrained to choosing to throw away *all* preloaded
scripts (not just picking and choosing some to throw away), the simple and
sufficient approach would be a single global event like `preloadDiscarded` or
something like that, and would actually be even easier for the script loader
than having to deal with the case of each individual script having an event
like "un-preloaded".

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