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--- Comment #4 from Marat Tanalin (tanalin.com) <mtanalin@yandex.ru> 2011-09-13 20:50:22 UTC ---
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> My point is that your first example of "tuning the service to deliver the best
> experience possible" is actively bad for my use-case, producing a *much worse*
> experience.  I'm used to videos buffering fully if I allow them to.

You are free to view videos way you like (videohosting website may have
settings where you can choose buffer usage strategy that is suitable for you
personally). Do not confuse _ability_ to do something with using this always.

What the bug is about is that buffering should be _controllable_ by
web-application _when it's needed_ for a specific case. And this is quite
reasonable. Lack of this feature is one of drawbacks of HTML5 video element
compared with Flash-based players which are much more flexible.

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