[Bug 14087] Return sections of HTML5 that were removed outside of the W3C


--- Comment #7 from David Carlisle <davidc@nag.co.uk> 2011-09-08 20:05:36 UTC ---

> David
> I don't believe that MathML is the only group using Element.

Only SVG and MathML occur in conforming HTML5 documents unless extended by
applicable specifications.

> And until such time as the document is hosted within the W3C, it should remain
> in the HTML5 specification. 

_where_ it is specified is important, but a minor issue compared to _what_ is
specified. The technical issue with bug 11204 is that innerhtml (and similar
methods) was not defined on a math element (which is a regression: if you used
math with html4 it would be an unknown HTMElement and thus (as implemented
commonly) acquire innerHTML). The resolution that was suggested by the editor
(in this bugzilla, last December, so you were incorrect to suggest that the
HTML WG had no notice of the change) was to not specify these methods in the
html spec, so they would be available in a DOM spec to be defined for all
applicable elements. If you are not happy with the resolution of that you
should re-open bug 11204 and suggest a different resolution.

> Or at least that's the reason why I submitted this bug.

You are of course free to raise whatever bugs you wish, although personally I
believe this one ought be marked invalid as the suggestion that this change was
not flagged in the appropriate W3C forum is invalid, although of course you are
correct to point out that the editors draft isn't hosted at w3c. The public
version of the editor's draft of MathML wasn't hosted at W3C either, Editor's
drafts have no formal standing, they should be located wherever the editor
finds convenient. If the draft is taken up there would I assume be a draft
hosted by a suitable body, preferably w3c at some point.

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