[Bug 14087] Return sections of HTML5 that were removed outside of the W3C


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> This bug is focused on the move, but I do believe once the move is reverted, 

the section was removed as a result of a bug raised in the w3c html wg's
bugzilla component by another w3c working group. I don't think that the move
should be reverted on process grounds. If there is a technical issue with the
specification of the methods moving from htmldocument then you are of course
free to re-open bug 11204.

> we also need to address the fact that the HTML WG is making changes to elements
> controlled by other working groups.

That may or may not be an issue in general but it certainly isn't an issue
The issue was raised by me acting on behalf of the Math WG explicitly so that
as far as possible all the elements in an HTML+SVG+MathML document have the
same facilities with respect to  DOM manipulation. The resolution was that the
relevant methods should not be specified as HTML-specific.

I don't read anything in to the fact that the editors draft (which is just a
first draft) is currently hosted at any particular location. There is plenty of
time to host a W3C version if that is thought desirable.

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