[Bug 14026] Wow, very complex element LOL. Am I to udnerstand that I can use this to mark up things like dingbat fonts, and cesored "words" like $%#! ?


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Ok, I'll try.
As I read the spec it seems to indicate that U is to be used for characters
(textual or iconic) that sound different than they look (not sure how to put it
Like a misspelled word is visually different from its actual representation (or
sound). But also because it says in the spec "non-textual" which seems to
indicate (to me) things like:
- I <heart> NY  (I dont't know how to insert an actual heart-icon, but you get
the idea?)
- B4  (before)
- f*** off!

Things like that? If so, examples like these would greatly clarify this

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