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> This is not a frivolous or invalid issue. HTML5 *is* a W3C spec, and it
> normatively mandates support for DOMPARSING in Section 2.2.1:
> "In addition, user agents must implement the features defined in the DOM Range,
> DOM Parsing and Serialization, HTML Editing APIs, and UndoManager and DOM
> Transaction specifications that apply to their conformance class. [DOMRANGE]
> Therefore, the W3C Patent Policy *does* apply to DOMPARSING by inclusion. If
> HTML5 did not normatively mandate support for DOMPARSING, then I agree this
> would not be an issue. However, it does, and it is.
> If you don't care to treat this as an issue, then please consider this a
> request to elevate to HTML working group issue.

Glenn, you can do this by adding the "TrackerRequest" keyword.

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