[Bug 13965] Exposing onreadystatechange on script elements seems to not be web-compatible unless they fire the event


--- Comment #13 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu> 2011-09-04 14:26:08 UTC ---
> but it fires `onreadystatechange` for "loaded" (or "complete") *before* it
> fires `onload`.

Interesting.  I tested precisely that in IE9, and I saw the onload firing
before the onreadystatechange...  Quite curious.

> IE fires "complete" instead of "loaded" when the script is purely pulled from
> cache.

That's insane.  Par for the course, I guess, but insane.  I don't see a need to
duplicate this behavior, honestly.  For one thing, a UA may have no idea
whether the script came from cache or not (think intermediate caches, for one

I fail to see how scripts could possibly depend on whether another script "came
from cache" (whatever that even means, given intermediate caches).

I also fail to see why implementing something like what Opera did would not be
compatible with the web.

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