[Bug 13995] Don't check Content-Type for <track>


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--- Comment #2 from Frank Olivier <franko@microsoft.com> 2011-09-01 15:46:44 UTC ---
> WebVTT already has the WEBVTT header magic to differentiate it from other
> formats if we should ever support such in <track>.

...but this requires the user agent to download the file to check the track
type; this is not a good solution, especially in mobile scenarios.

> The main consequence of doing this check is that <track> will appear broken to
> all authors when they first test it. Even if they figure out how to set
> Content-Type, it'll mostly be a waste of time and not provide any real
> benefits.

I don't think that this is a big burden on developers; they use documentation
and samples when using new elements. This would just have to be documented
clearly, like a lot of other parts of the HTML5 spec.

The real benefit is that multiple track formats are supported cleanly.

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