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[Bug 12267] <video> Make video state transitions happen in the same task as firing events

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Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 00:03:24 +0000
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--- Comment #33 from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson <ian@hixie.ch> 2011-07-15 00:03:24 UTC ---
Similarly, are we trying to fix the issue in bug 12556 comment 2?

I'm just trying to work out where we're drawing the line, so that, if I spec
this, I know what result I'm trying to spec.

Personally I'm not at all convinced this is a good idea. Video playback changes
in realtime. I don't think hiding this is helpful.

Maybe it would be helpful to know what kind of code it is that we expect people
to write that would be badly affected by this? Does anyone have any concrete

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