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[Bug 13119] Make the @value attribute in <input> when type="file" work as a suggestion for the OS file picker

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--- Comment #7 from Jonas Sicking <jonas@sicking.cc> 2011-07-07 21:52:47 UTC ---
I agree with Boris, it's unlikely that we'd implement this in Firefox. It's
simply too easy to trick the user into selecting a file that they don't intend
to share. Here's one attack scenario:

1. Add a <input type=file value="/etc/passwd"> on a page
2. Use CSS to make the <input> 1x1 pixels large
3. Put a <a href="money.html">Click here for free money</a> link on the page
4. Use javascript to detect when the user hovers the above link
5. Use CSS to position the <input> just under the cursor.

Once the user attempts to click the link it will instead open a filepicker.
Most people's reaction to this would be "get out of my way stupid dialog, I
want to click my free-money link" and simply press "OK" in the file picker.

This is generally known as the "whatever button". When faced with a dialog
people generally don't bother reading its contents but instead think "whatever"
and press any button that will allow them to continue with their task.

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