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[Bug 13475] Remove wrong example

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Aryeh Gregor <Simetrical+w3cbug@gmail.com> changed:

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The example is correct.  In the current HTML spec, any tag that's heading
content starts a new section:

The first element of heading content in an element of sectioning content
represents the heading for that section. Subsequent headings of equal or higher
rank start new (implied) sections, headings of lower rank start implied
subsections that are part of the previous one. In both cases, the element
represents the heading of the implied section.

Thus <h1>foo</h1><h2>bar</h2> marks up a rank-one section whose contents begin
with a rank-two subsection.  <hgroup><h1>foo</h1><h2>bar</h2></hgroup> marks up
the start of a rank-one section with no subsection (at least, it doesn't start
with one).  An example of a case where <h1>foo</h1><h2>bar</h2> would be
correct is something like
which has

  <h3>Religious</h3> ...
  <h3>Economic and administrative</h3> ...

In this case, the lack of an <hgroup> indicates that the entire contents of the
"Functions" section consists of two subsections, "Religious" and "Economic and

The example obviously will have to be fixed if <hgroup> is removed, but for now
it's correct.

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