[Bug 12564] This, for me is definately the way to go with text tracks. Since the text is embedded in the media file "In-Band" it means the content never gets lost. This is how we treat audio with video and is how DVD treated text too. Some devices such as iOS may not


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Having text tracks separate is also useful, in particular:
* if you are trying to index a lot of videos by their text tracks and just want
to download the text, not the extensive video data,
* if you are auto-translating a text track,
* if you are keeping the text in a DB on the server and serving it with two or
three different video formats,
* if you have a large number of translations of the text track and don't want
to always transfer all of the text tracks to the user,
* if you want to provide text services on top of video that is being served by
somebody else (though in this case you need some security mechanism.)

I'm sure I have forgotten a few further user cases.

The issue is: both external and in-band text tracks are useful and appear in
the wild, so HTML supports both. There is no need to restrict
users/authors/publishers to a single means of doing things.

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