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[Bug 10657] New: integration of "aria-autocomplete" with the various autocompletion mechanisms in html5

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           Summary: integration of "aria-autocomplete" with the various
                    autocompletion mechanisms in html5
           Product: HTML WG
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows NT
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: HTML5 spec (editor: Ian Hickson)
        AssignedTo: ian@hixie.ch
        ReportedBy: faulkner.steve@gmail.com
         QAContact: public-html-bugzilla@w3.org
                CC: mike@w3.org, public-html-wg-issue-tracking@w3.org,

The aria-autocomplete attribute applies only to elements whose role is textbox.
So, it provides additional information to the assistive technology as to how
the autocomplete would work that HTML 5 does not. If we were to follow the
non-normative table of input elements that support autocomplete it would appear
that it would apply to HTML 5 elements that are capable of supplying a text
input value. This would include the following input types: (text, search,
telephone, URL, e-mail, password, datetime, date, month, week, time,
datetime-local, number, color, range). 

The list attribute on an input element is a suggestion to the user agent to use
the list provided. It can in fact be ignored by the user agent. 

Since the browser has the ability to ignore the HTML 5 autocomplete and list
content attributes, per the spec., we cannot force the browser to enforce its
autocomplete mechanism based on aria-autocomplete. Following the same
convention, we suggest that the browser treat aria-autocomplete as an author
request to what the browser uses to fill in the listed input elements in HTML

For custom controls not created from HTML 5 input elements which convey the
appropriately defined semantics without ARIA, and for which the browser is not
designed to perform the autocomplete, we recommend that the author MUST provide
the aria-autocomplete properties where the custom control's functionality
matches the autocomplete functionality defined by the WAI-ARIA specification.

The HTML 5 specification indicates that autocomplete only takes an on/off
value. It also indicates that autocomplete applies to the form element and the
input element, yet a non-normative table is included that indicates
autocomplete applies to only certain input controls. Clarification of this is
needed in the HTML 5 spec.

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