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[Bug 10524] Please clarify procedure and recourse for non-working group members when they are unsatisfied with a bug resolution

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--- Comment #23 from Shelley Powers <shelleyp@burningbird.net>  2010-09-13 20:05:06 ---
(In reply to comment #22)
> (In reply to comment #19)
> Hi Shelley,
> > I don't believe we need to specify extenuating circumstances. 
> > 
> > The HTML WG chairs should consider that people wanting to do the extra work
> > required for change proposals are doing so out of interest and wanting to
> > contribute. 
> That would be a good perspective.
> > Instead, this implies that anyone who wants to contribute a change proposal,
> > but doesn't want to join the HTML WG, is to be treated with suspicion--having
> > to produce motive, which will then undergo scrutiny for possible nefarious
> > purpose.
> > 
> > Is this really what the HTML WG wants to imply?
> I don't think so. 
> Do you have better suggested text for the policy to fix this bug?
> Thanks,
> Laura

None, I don't think there needs to be anything else. Not when it comes to
change proposals.

There really is no discussion related to these in the HTML WG email lists,
because these are proposals, which then go to survey. That you're complying
with the Decision Process is a given because you're submitting proposals.

If there's any discussion in the HTML WG Comments email list, I'm assuming that
the same discussion rules apply to that email list as apply to all email lists
in the W3C. 

There was discussion about the first Decision Process decisions, because there
was a lot of confusion about how the decisions were worded. But several people
participated in this, and the discussion led to clarifications and more caution
in follow up decisions. 

There was an amazing amount of discussion related to the longdesc attribute
removal, but I didn't get the impressing that any of this was "bad", or to be
discouraged. And I didn't particpate. 

You don't quibble over the color of house paint when you don't own a house.
We're discussing rules that don't apply to a non-member filing a change
proposal. Non-members _can't_ send email to the HTML WG email list. We can't
participate in the surveys.

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