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autofocus="" is intended to improve the user experience by allowing sites to
automatically focus an element without moving the focus when the user is
already doing something. It's also intended to make it possible to do this with
scripting disabled. So I don't think we should drop it.

I've changed the spec to block it when the focus would be going cross-domain,
however. I haven't prevented it in the case of a same-origin cross-frame
transfer, because if you can inject same-origin frames, you might as well just
spoof the whole page and so autofocus isn't especially helpful in mounting an

Regarding who dropped the ball (W3C or WHATWG): it was me, and I'm a
participant in both groups. I should indeed have considered the implications of
this feature in a cross-domain situation.

Incidentally, "bubble" in this context usually refers to a particular phase of
the DOM events model. Focus is transferred or moved, not bubbled.

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