[Bug 11136] Poster attribute in audio element


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> 1) Why is it a problem that the audio elements only display the controls?  You
> don't seem to say, unless "whose dimensions are set by the UA" is relevant (I
> can't figure out)

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> 2) You can set the width of audio controls by CSS.  If some browser doesn't
> support it, file a bug against that browser.
Ah, I see.

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> 3) Subtitles should be displayed in WebSRT, which is a work in progress.
Sorry. I didn't explain that very well. I didn't mean that the subtitles would
be part of the actual image; I meant that they would be shown by the UA to the
above the poster.

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> So I don't see any actual use-cases here.  Why would you want this?  Can you
> give an example of an actual webpage that displays audio with a poster?
The BBC frequently use it on their website. An example can be seen here:


Images are shown above audio players on this website.

However, you have convinced me that that there is little need for this.

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