[Bug 10828] i18n comment 4 : new attribute: bidibreak


--- Comment #14 from Aharon Lanin <aharon.lists.lanin@gmail.com> 2010-10-18 14:44:28 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #12)
> So, what you're saying is the following:
> * Spec should say to always treat br as a bidi paragraph break
> * IE and WebKit do this (test cases to prove this?)
> * Gecko gets bug reports about its differing behaviour (link?)
> * Opera follows Gecko
> Is this correct? That sounds like a much saner solution than adding an
> attribute.

This is correct, and is the core of what is being suggested.

However, given that the spec has up to now defined <br> as bidi whitespace, it
would seem that a line break with bidi whitespace semantics is apparently
useful enough to warrant some way of getting it. I do not feel comfortable
getting rid of it completely, without providing some opt-in way of getting it.

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