[Bug 10902] <video> element needs to support some form of DRM solution


--- Comment #39 from Mo McRoberts <mo.mcroberts@nexgenta.com> 2010-10-13 10:58:26 UTC ---

> It works, but doesn't make browsers that don't support DRM fail early, which
> was the whole point, right? 

Yes, very true -- but the browsers which don't understand the query at all (for
the time being, that is; they hypothetically would in the future) will fail
gracefully with a "maybe". i.e., they would be no worse off.

> In any case, this is something for browsers
> actually supporting DRM to figure out.


serious question, incidentally: as an author, this suggestion would appear to
be that I file a ER against WebKit asking for "a means to determine that a
particular DRM scheme is supported", and do the same for (say) IE, wait several
years, and then come back to the HTML WG and say "well, WebKit now does this,
IE does this, Gecko doesn't support any DRM, some embedded deployments of Opera
do, but don't have a way to detect it, can we reach some consensus and maybe
stick something in the spec?"

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