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--- Comment #6 from fantasai <fantasai.bugs@inkedblade.net> 2010-10-12 10:08:29 UTC ---
I disagree with this resolution. Whether you think Unicode's requirements are
adequately required by other parts of the spec or not, the point here is that
it's not clear how those requirements apply to this situation, since many of
them are effectively ignored for other parts of the document through processing
in the presentation layer.

To address this issue, I would like the spec to be explicitly clear that, to
quote myself: "the given message must be displayed according to the normative
requirements of Unicode" and I would like the mandatory line breaking rules and
bidi behavior to be cited as examples. Wordsmith as you like, but the gist of
that should be there, otherwise I consider this issue unresolved.

As for white-space collapsing, it's implemented via CSS in CSS-based
implementations, but it is not a side effect. The same collapsing rules need to
apply to non-CSS implementations. Except in <pre> and <textarea>, the semantics
of text processing in all prior versions of HTML has been that extra white
space in the source code is insignificant. Like correct handling of bidi
attributes, this is not a default UA stylesheet issue, but an area where HTML
needs to require certain behavior regardless of presentation technology in use.

As for defining the arugment as a string in the IDL, I couldn't find the IDL.
Is it somewhere other than 6.3.1?

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