[Bug 11004] Add an example of suggestion labels being used and rendered for input type="range"


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> (In reply to comment #1)
> These remarks seem fairly off-topic for this bug, which is solely about
> providing an example rendering.
> > We also need to ensure a mapping between the actual range value and the
> > datalist option label. Currently, the list/datalist is seen as more of a
> > passive visual aid, then an actual concrete mapping. 
> As far as I can tell, the "value" attribute concretely maps the suggestion
> label to its numeric value.
> If this is somehow not sufficient, please file a separate bug explaining the
> problem.
> > In addition, we would need an ARIA mapping associated with the labeling, in
> > such a way that actual step values would be available via API with the tick
> > marks, but the step value AND label being available when a label is specified.
> The requirement for accessibility mappings in the mappings Note is already
> logged as Bug 11003.
> ARIA does not cover all semantics that need to be mapped to accessibility APIs
> (at the moment, for instance, it doesn't even cover tables). I don't think ARIA
> has any particularly obvious mapping for range control suggestion labels.
> Notably the JQuery UI slider doesn't seem to add ARIA annotations to the tick
> mark labels.
> If you think there is a good way to map the native semantics to ARIA as it
> stands, please explain how in dedicated bug. Otherwise, please propose
> additions to ARIA to PFWG via the public-pfwg-comments mailing list.

Sorry, had missed your reference to bug 11003 earlier.

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