[Bug 11004] Add an example of suggestion labels being used and rendered for input type="range"


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These remarks seem fairly off-topic for this bug, which is solely about
providing an example rendering.

> We also need to ensure a mapping between the actual range value and the
> datalist option label. Currently, the list/datalist is seen as more of a
> passive visual aid, then an actual concrete mapping. 

As far as I can tell, the "value" attribute concretely maps the suggestion
label to its numeric value.

If this is somehow not sufficient, please file a separate bug explaining the

> In addition, we would need an ARIA mapping associated with the labeling, in
> such a way that actual step values would be available via API with the tick
> marks, but the step value AND label being available when a label is specified.

The requirement for accessibility mappings in the mappings Note is already
logged as Bug 11003.

ARIA does not cover all semantics that need to be mapped to accessibility APIs
(at the moment, for instance, it doesn't even cover tables). I don't think ARIA
has any particularly obvious mapping for range control suggestion labels.
Notably the JQuery UI slider doesn't seem to add ARIA annotations to the tick
mark labels.

If you think there is a good way to map the native semantics to ARIA as it
stands, please explain how in dedicated bug. Otherwise, please propose
additions to ARIA to PFWG via the public-pfwg-comments mailing list.

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