[Bug 10824] i18n comment 20 : list item marker display and position


--- Comment #6 from fantasai <fantasai.bugs@inkedblade.net> 2010-10-08 08:32:46 UTC ---
> Is there reason to believe HTML could change the default behavior safely, even
> though CSS cannot?

Yes. The case affected here is fairly rare, and in most cases the current
rendering is awkward and has to be worked around by use of <span> or <div> tags
inside the <li>. While I don't have any data for you, it seems likely that
content-compatibility is not a concern here.

For CSS, the argument for not changing is that we have full interop on the
current initial value, and since the behavior is useful for non-list-item
cases, it does not make sense for us to attempt to change all implementations.
It makes more sense for us to introduce a switch in CSS3, and suggest that the
new value be used by default for <li> items. (The CSSWG already has formal
resolutions responding to this issue that we will not alter the behavior
specced in CSS2.1.)

I agree that this is not an HTML5 spec issue except insofar as the new value
should be adopted in the recommended CSS defaults once it is specced out. So
imo fixing this depends on an update to CSS3 Lists.

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