[Bug 10167] HTML5 Polyglot spec breaks RDFa case sensitivity


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> (In reply to comment #4)
> > What bit of the text that you added prevents that from happening, as it's not that clear to me?
> Would this note suffice?
> Note that polyglot markup is case-consistent for values on the <code>rel</code>
> attribute. This is because XML treats the following as two different values for
> the <code>rel</code> attribute:
> <a rel=”friend” href="http://www.friendlysite.com/">My buddy</a>
> <a rel=”FRIEND” href="http://www.friendlysite.com/">My buddy</a>

That's great, Eliot - works for me.

I'm going to ask the RDFa WG to look at this issue and make sure that they
agree with the text. If you haven't heard back from us in 7 days, please
RESOLVE this bug and assume that we're fine with the text above.

Thanks for all of the hard work on the Polyglot spec - your time and energy are
very much appreciated. :)

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