[Bug 10799] drawImage/pattern filters underspecified


--- Comment #8 from Philip Taylor <excors@gmail.com> 2010-10-07 15:14:41 UTC ---
What I (I think) put above for no-repeat patterns was that it wouldn't clamp,
but would instead wrap. It's equivalent to repeat patterns for the purposes of
filtering, it's just cut off sharply to transparent outside the area of the
first repetition. (This is what IE9 seemed to do.)

If no-repeat were to have some other filtering behaviour, then repeat-x and
repeat-y ought to have that behaviour on their non-repeating edges (for
consistency). They should still have the wrap behaviour on their repeating
edges, which means different behaviour in different directions on one pattern.
Opera does that but it looks like the Cairo API assumes a single mode for both
directions - would that be a problem?

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