[Bug 10964] Canvas needs to support a backing store in the DOM subtree capable of supporting screen reading


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> In order to support a text editing in the subtree and ensure properer
> positioning of text canvas must support:
> - application of CSS to the canvas subtree even though the content is hidden to
> support proper text layout and support a screen reader

Nothing prevents applying CSS to the children of a <canvas> right now.

> - provisions for capturing events used in contenteditable areas to allow for
> backingstore synchronization with the visual canvas. Examples of these event
> capture of text events, selection, and text insertion, text deletion, and caret
> movement, within contenteditable areas in the canvas subtree also known as
> fallback content. This is to allow synchronization with visual canvas to allow
> an accessible one for one mapping. 
> - Functions for retrieving selected text ranges and the caret position in
> content editable areas

I'm not sure how either of these have anything to do with <canvas>'s backing
store.  The backing store is the pixel array used to hold the image data.  It
has nothing to do with the children of the <canvas> element.

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