[Bug 10642] No alternative text description for video key frame (poster)


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> (In reply to comment #30)
> That would be useful indeed, but seems like accidental feature. "Jennifer,
> Emma, Alejandra, and Nicky jumping rope." sounds like good description of the
> video, and would be useful regardless whether first frame happens to contain
> all these children, or only one of them, or is completely black.

However, if the footage may be of the 2008 Flora London Marathon, for example,
in which there are thousands of competitors. You may have chosen a poster frame
of Liz Yelling crossing the finish line. Would you really want to include the
names of all the thousands of competitors in the video title? Probably not.

However, a sighted user may see the poster frame and think "Hey - That's Liz
Yelling. I think I might watch this video". A non-sighted user would not be
afforded that information which is essentially discriminatory.

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