[Bug 10320] Allow an arbitrary string as the voice for forwards compatilbity


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> I very rarely, if ever, see captions (i.e. tracks for the hard of hearing) with
> names in the tracks, so I'm not sure it's a critical issue. But I don't mind
> making it possible in the future to use the voice name in the rendering (or to
> make the rendering be based on the voice name).

I discussed this with two of the HoH participants at the aforementioned summit.
Specifically, I asked how multiple speakers are typically represented. As far
as I understand from the discussion, using different colors or positioning
close to the speaker isn't very common at all, and also something they weren't
big fans of. Both said that prefixing with the speaker name is quite fine, but
I don't have any insight into how common it is. Perhaps it's only done when
it's needed for off-screen speakers, and would be annoying if done for every
single cue. I could follow up on this if it matters to the design of some

> I guess I'll go with <v Name o'Character>, and make them only allowed at the
> top of the tree and ignored elsewhere.

Sounds good to me, if the CSS glue for it is sane enough, i.e. you can target a
specific voice (is having spaces in the names a problem?) and also use the
voice name in e.g. :before { content: ??? }

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