[Bug 11199] Need standard way to creating heading "streams"


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> Bug triage sub-team thinks this is not a HTML A11Y TF priority. The primary
> accessibility need is to provide headings at all; providing them in an outline
> or clearly associated with landmarks is helpful but only if implemented
> consistently. Further, HTML 5 provides various ways to achieve this (though
> none of them are mandatory). There could be some value in looking more closely
> at section types aka landmarks in HTML.next, but don't think we should in the
> HTML 5 timeframe. Furthermore, the issue is more with user agent presentation
> existing heading features than with the HTML spec itself.

WOW! Thank you! this got to be the best answer I had here so far. I would agree
that it might not be desirable in the HTML 5 timeframe but it would be
something to consider.

The way web content is displayed now, there is usually three levels on a page,
Site-level information, page context information and page content itself. The
streams would be a way for search engine to understand this structure better
and also adaptive technologies user to switch to the level they want.

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