[Bug 10660] use < and > and not &#8592; and &#8594; to indicate previous and next


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--- Comment #6 from Michael Cooper <cooper@w3.org> 2010-11-23 16:42:55 UTC ---
Bug triage sub-team reviewed, this is not an issue with the features of HTML so
is not a HTML A11Y task force priority. However, we do agree there is an
accessibility issue with the spec. It seems this could be solved by putting the
arrows in via CSS so they are visible but not part of the link text, which is
what is causing the accessibility problem. Using the "previous section" link as
an example, it could be given a class of "prev" and the following CSS should
work: a.prev:before {content: "&#8592; "}. The same could be done with the
"next section link, e.g., a.next:after {content: " &#8594;"}.

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