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Hi Mike,

> nobody as yes has expressed any strong objections to that wording.

I expressed a concern and made a suggestion. It was ignored.


The W3C communications staff's verbiage would alleviate that problem with the
original wording. 

> It's not clear how that is any improvement over the text that is already in the
> warning and that has already been discussed on the public-html list. That text
> is this:
> [[
> This is a work in progress! 
> For the latest updates from the HTML WG, possibly including important bug
> fixes, please look at the <a>editor's draft</a> instead.
> ]]

The editor's draft isn't necessarily the "latest updates from the HTML WG". It
is the latest updates from the editor.

(In reply to comment #2)

Hi Philippe,

> IMO, the current wording doesn't reflect enough the fact that what is in the
> editor does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the group, thus the mention of "experiments" in the proposed wording.

I agree. W3C communications staff's verbiage is a simple and honest statement.

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