[Bug 11211] Need a way to force a line wrap with the bidi semantics of LINE SEPARATOR when necessary.


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> (In reply to comment #13)
> > I recommend that we try using &#x2028; for now, and see where that gets us.

As far as I understand, LINE SEPARATOR support has been added to CSS 2.1 tests.
Perhaps this will cause browsers to start supporting it. Currently they don't -
it either has no effect at all or is displayed as a rectangle or something.

> > Since the CSS layer doesn't yet support this, there's not much we can do right
> > now.

Well, theoretically the CSS layer does support it, since it does not explicitly
say anything about LINE SEPARATOR, so the Unicode spec should apply, and the
new tests should enforce it.

> > If &#x2028; works, then we can get the MathML WG to add a &ls; named
> Was that a typo? AFAIK MathML has nothing to do with this. Maybe XML WG?
> Can't/shouldn't html add entities beyond the predefined XML set? (I do not know
> - this is for my general knowledge...)

Yeah, who controls named entities? Will we have to wait for HTML6 to get new
ones if we don't do it now?

> How about <br ubi> as suggested by Aharon in bug 10828, comment 22?

There is no ubi attribute. Instead, there is a bdi element, which does not help
us here. See there for discussion.

> As for later comments - I'm not sure I understand the current direction: was
> the intention to: (a) Add some new attribute/element and use &#x2028; in the
> specification of its required behaviour? 
> or: (b) Add nothing new, and have the content-authors implement the linebreak
> &#x2028; ?

It's b.

> If it is in the scope of HTML to *require* implementation of entities, then a
> possible solution would be to require compliant application to properly handle
> both U+2028 and U+2029, and to add a comment in the <br> spec, saying that
> users should prefer using U+2029 (or better yet, named entity e.g. &ps;)
> instead of <br> ( or using U+2028 (or named entity e.g. &ls;), for the usecase
> described in this bug).

It's not the entity that's the problem. It's the character itself that all
current browsers don't support.

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