[Bug 10809] i18n comment 3 : new attribute: submitdir


--- Comment #49 from Aharon Lanin <aharon.lists.lanin@gmail.com> 2010-11-11 08:51:57 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #48)

Several problems:

1. I am not in love with the "dirname" name. How about "add-direction-as"?

2. Spec should say what happens if an actual input element with the name given
by dirname exists in this form. Suggested behavior was to add it on without

3. Spec should say what happens when dirname is given with no value. Can't we
have a reasonable default, like the name value suffixed with "_dir"?

4. Spec should say that the value is either "ltr" or "rtl". Specifically, it is
never "auto", but the estimated direction.

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