[Bug 11211] Need a way to force a line wrap with the bidi semantics of LINE SEPARATOR when necessary.


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> (In reply to comment #9)

> Can someone from the CSS working group confirm whether the LS character in
> content will cause a line break without a bidi paragraph break, and cite the
> relevant part of the relevant spec? Given that, I think we'd be good to go with
> just adding an attribute to <br> to use LS rather than LF (though I'm still not
> convinced we have any use cases for <br> _without_ this feature, so I'm tempted
> to make the attribute required if there's any RTL content around the <br>
> element).

I think U+2028 should in theory work regardless of CSS white-space mode (it is
not subject to collapsing), so &#x2028; should satisfy the use case in this bug
(though it doesn't currently work in any browser).

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