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--- Comment #31 from Aharon Lanin <aharon.lists.lanin@gmail.com> 2010-11-08 13:36:35 UTC ---
Almost there - some wording tweaks:

1. In the definition of the bdi element, the following sentence appears: "For
the purposes of the bidirectional algorithm, the user agent must act as if the
contents of the element were a self-contained paragraph not present in the
parent element." This is not a complete specification of the expected behavior.
For example, the "not present" is not very helpful in terns of determining
where the element's content should appear within the surrounding content, or in
what order two bdi elements placed next to each other should appear. I would
thus suggest something like this instead:

For the purposes of bidirectional resolution of the element's content in the
surrounding bidi paragraph (if any), the user agent must treat the element as
if it contained just an Object Replacement Character (U+FFFC). For the purposes
of bidirectional resolution within the element, the user agent must treat the
element's content as a self-contained paragraph (or sequence of paragraphs)
with a base direction corresponding to the element's computed direction.

2. In the example following the bdi definition, make the following
"If the bdi element was not used" -> "If the bdi element were not used"
"would put the colon next and the number" -> "would put the colon and the

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